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Designed for those sellers who really prefer to do it themselves -

Do all of the regulatory stuff and forms have you puzzled?  Do you simply need a little help with one or more specific tasks, or just a little professional guidance?  Maybe an experienced salesperson to help you do a "open house" successfully?  Then our very popular a la Carte service programs - FLAT FEE or FEE Plus is just for you.  The programs are performance and fee based, meaning that you pay only a flat fee for the specific task you need us to handle, or a lesser fee and roughly a 1% commission for all listing services.  Upon sale, these programs allow you to realize big savings.

Both FLAT FEE and FEE Plus programs include the following basic services:

  1) All forms required to meet Federal and State regulations

   2) Standard local MLS listing displayed on several websites

  3) Our professional yard sign on loan free of charge 

  4) Coordination with Buyer-agents, and

  5) Instructions on conducting an Open House

FLAT FEE also includes the following additional services:

  1) Seller-found prospective buyer screening

  2) Indefinite time "until sold" listing & all inquiries shared with Seller

  3) Preparation of offer documents

  4) Negotiation assistance, and

  5) Coordination of third-party activitites to close

Better still, "a la Carte" does not mean reduced  professionalism and competency.  It simply means that we are willing to work with you in ways that accomplish your goal and may be a little different than the traditional way.  All you do is run ads, distribute flyers, handle showings, conduct "open house" events, and any other task that you don't need us to do.  We even loan you a professionally recorded DVD that shows you what to expect.

We created these programs because we believe in truly servicing the wishes and needs of our clients.  By unbundling the many tasks required in the marketing and sales process, we are effective in helping you to accomplish your goal specific goals.  For example, for professional realtor services on a $200,000 sale under a traditional commission-based program, you would pay about $12,000 in commissions.  With our programs the cost would be either $6,999 or $8,399, with the bulk of the cost paid to the "buyer-agent" realtor who actually found an accepted buyer/offer.  Of course, if no buyer-agent is involved, the listing costs would be just $999  or  $2,399.  In the latter example, you save a whopping $11,001 or $9,601.  Which would you prefer?

You should note the word "clients" in the previous paragraph; we generally work only with clients, where we have a contracted duty to look out for our client's interest.  There is no such duty for "customers".  However, everyone --customers and clients, alike -- are treated with courtesy, honesty, and fairness.  We value our integrity above all.  That's why we further pride ourselves on the wide cross-section of occupations and diversity represented by our clients.

Please note that both programs require exclusive right to sell listing agreements.




You may prefer a more traditional service program -




You can use the form at left to contact us and obtain all of our sales services on a full commission basis from only  6.00%.  This is like the traditional Realtor(R) "commission only" program that most people have come to know, and let's us market and sell your property with no up front cost to you.


We are client-focused, not commission-drivened, thus our primary focus is to help you accomplish your objective.  We truly want to help you sell your home or other property the way that best suits you.  So contact us today!   We'd love to hear from you!

To:  Reggie Fluker, MBA, Manager




Place your order and request our Property Information Sheet by clicking on the button below or just click here now!  You will need a major credit card to place your order and pay our low fee.  Once your order is approved by your credit card company, we become your full service advisors and will provide you with all of the initial forms and assistance to begin marketing your property.  You will have access to all of our services including listing your property in the local Multiple Listing Service (MLS); and our agents can even help you do an open house without any additional charge for their time.

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