Real estate practitioners are usually involved in either or both of the below capacities.  Amazing! Real Estate Solutions has a home for both.


Practitioners who do not possess a Michigan real estate license are persons who usually invest in and/or operate income-producing properties that they own personally in their own name, or through some entity like a limited liability company (LLC) or corporation.   In the State of Michigan, unlicensed practitioners are limited to the following activities:

  • Buy as many properties as desired
  • Sell five (5) or less properties in a twelve month period
  • Manage their own rental properties
  • Manage their own business operations

If you would like to obtain a Michigan real estate license or own a real estate brokerage company, you must  first complete a State of Michigan-approved pre-licensing course.  Then, join our AMAZING! Team, and we will guarantee that you'll receive the highest level of advanced training and supervision you need to succeed.


Practitioners who possess either a Michigan real estate salesperson, associate broker, or broker license can perform all of the activities as an unlicensed person, plus:

  • Earn compensation for assisting and/or representing others in purchasing or selling real estate and business opportunities
  • List real estate and business opportunities that are owned by others and available for sale or rent
  • Manage rental properties owned by others


Special Opportunities for Accomplished Salespersons, Associate Brokers, and Brokers


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It’s time to join an innovative firm where you can “fly like an eagle”, and where you:

  • Get a “no-gimmicks” guarantee (no caps, no annual re-quals, no large desk fees, etc.)
  • Can get paid to mentor new agents you recruit to the firm.
  • Can access advanced training in key areas needed to succeed.
  • Are free to be creative or innovative as much as you want, with only LEP restrictions.
  • Are free to work any niche you wish (e.g., residential, commercial, buyers only, sellers only); whatever you do, it must simply be legal, ethical, and professional (LEP.)
  • Are free to work whenever you want (part-time, full-time, or occasionally, it’s strictly up to you.)
  • Are free to charge your clients and customers whatever you think is appropriate (i.e., you set your own commission rates and fees.)  You can even get 17% or more commissions.
  • Your manager is your adviser and coach, not your boss, and is available when needed.
  • Are free to personally invest in real estate (your manager has years of investing experience and can help you learn how to do it profitably.)
  • Are in business for yourself, but not by yourself; and you will never be used as free staff support.
  • Can help determine non-regulatory brokerage policies.
  • Find no floor duty time, no franchise or royalty fees, no overhead charges, and no junk fees
  • Get an Independent Contractor Agreement (ICA) for just one year at a time.
  • Or, you can even own the brokerage company
  • Have just four very basic requirements:

1) Pay an annual brokerage fee of just $100 per month;

2) Collect a client/customer-paid processing/compliance fee from every closed transaction;

3) Maintain REALTOR® and MLS memberships (about $98 per month)

4) Attend one monthly sales meeting during the first week of each month

So, for less than $198 per month you're positioned to make money running your own business for yourself, but not by yourself.  And, your yearly basic expenses are usually covered by just ONE CLOSING EACH YEAR, so you don't worry about your business becoming a losing proposition.

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Are you looking to buy a business, then please call us to review our extensive listing of currently available businesses.

If you're thinking of selling a business, call us now and we'll show you how to prepare it for FREE.


Orientation held the last Thursday of each month.  Reservation required.

Open to all Michigan-licensed real estate salespersons and associate brokers whose goal is to own their brokerage in three years or less, or even TODAY!  This program helps agents to begin building their brokerage NOW!  The low annual program fee includes REALTOR dues, MLS subscription, office fees, State mandated education tuition, and more.  Attend one of our meetings to join us or receive more information.

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FLUKER AARON ASSOCIATES, a holding company

Let Us Hold Your License!

1.  What is Fluker Aaron Associates?

a:  An affiliate real estate company that specializes in sending and receiving referrals.

2.  How do I know if I should join Fluker Aaron Associates? 

a:  If you do not sell Real Estate but want to maintain an active license, you can join our organization and when you know someone who wants to sell or buy property anywhere in the Nation, simply call us with their names and contact information, and we will do the rest. We refer your leads to full time real estate agents who will service your referral and pay us a referral fee which will be split with you on a 50-50 basis.

3.  Do I have to join any Boards, associations, or organizations and pay them dues?

a:  No, the only cost to you is a yearly membership fee of $77.00, which covers your license holding anytime during the calendar year - January 1st thru December 31st.

4.  What if I decide to go back into selling Real Estate?

a:  Just call us to mail your license to the State and simply file a new transfer application signed by your new broker and pay the State's transfer fee.

For more information or if you have any questions, please call (833) 933-6667



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